Kingpin: Life of Crime DirectX 11 Renderer

Native VR Test   Friday, 21st August 2020 - 16:28:40
Early native VR test for the Oculus Rift S.

The VR support is very basic. There is no HUD overlay or menu support.

Viewers in Denmark who may be restricted from watching the video due to it containing a sample of the track Lightning Strikes by Cypress Hill, which as we all know comes with the game, can view a silent version here: Kingpin DirectX 11 VR Test

Early DirectX 11 Test   Sunday, 1st March 2020 - 03:04:07
Early test video of Kingpin: Life of Crime running on DirectX 11

There is no lighting applied and most of the effects are missing. This means no light flares, particles, smoke and many others.
Some of the NPC models have missing textures.

Current Status   Friday, 7th February 2020 - 13:59:27
Since the original announcement in June 2019 on Discord #kingpin no further work has been done on the new renderer as I was undecided if I would spend the considerable amount of time to update it to DirectX 11.
Between then and now I have been intermittently examining the code and planning out how to upgrade each section. The omens are looking good that it can be achieved relatively quickly if the effort was put into it.

The current state of the new renderer is this:

  • 100% kingpin interfaces implemented (two interfaces)
  • DPI aware. No longer scaled on high DPI scaled screens (eg 4k)
  • Some new Kingpin routines created for HUD & menus
  • Still rendering in OpenGL
  • No MDX rendering
  • Quake 2 buggy PCX loader
Effectively there is only enough code added to get it running with Kingpin.

From my now abandoned Kingpin client engine I can take much of the code and apply it to the renderer, which at a rough estimate should cover around 50% of the upgrade. The other 50% is the reason that my engine was never finished. These items being those which I had no information on what they were and how to decode the data so were never implemented in my engine, but now I do. Extensive analysis and debugging has allowed me to determine 45% or more of these missing items, with only some obscure special effects being missing. Well not actually missing, but the data has not yet been fully decoded to determine what it does and what the data represents. This 95% would allow an upgrade that could be playable without really noticing that anything was missing.

Strangely enough, completing this renderer would also allow my client engine to be completed, but now that Kingpin: Reloaded has been announced it is now a moot point.

Further updates soon...

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