Manic Miner

Platform: PC
Language: Pascal / Assembly
Released: March 1999
Size: 28.7Kb

Manic Miner is a clone of the classic (NO! - Immortal) spectrum game. Or, in my case, the Commodore 64 version.

This version contains all the original graphics and levels (ripped right out of the C64) and for those of you still with an ISA sound card, there is a SID 6581 sound emulator to complete the experience. Recent playing has told me that my SoundBlaster Audigy PCI card is not detectable as a SoundBlaster compatible so no more SID sound for me :-(

Tested and working 100% on DOSBox 0.74. Set cycles in the region of 90,000 for correct play speed.

Manic Miner title screen
Title screen
Manic Miner Central Cavern level screen
Central Cavern