Kingpin: Life of Crime Server DM Flags Calculator

24th November 2016  :  6.9Kb

Server DM Flags Calculator main screen
Server DM Flags Calculator
This small utility allows server dm flags to be quickly calculated.

Includes the new DF_NO_TELEFRAG_AVOID flag for switching off additional processing that tries to avoid telefrag deaths on maps with limited spawn points.

DF_NO_TELEFRAG_AVOID is currently available in Power2 v1.1 and Colors - CTF v1.1 mod servers, and should be available in additional mods as more are created or updated.

Default values for COOP, Deathmatch, and Bagman are also available to use as a base for any further modifications.

The calculator can also be used for Quake 2 servers as the flag definitions are the same, although Kingpin has some flags that are not available in Quake 2. These will be ignored in Quake 2 unless they have been defined in a mod.

If you get a missing msvcr120.dll error you will need to download vcredist_x86.exe Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft.

If you have Windows 10 you will already have msvcr120.dll installed.