Platform: PC
OS: Windows 32
Language: VC++ / Assembly
Released: February 2001
Size: 449Kb

The code that this version is based on only took 1 week (7 days!) to write from scratch - I emphasise this because before I started writing this I had NEVER programmed in C and had only just spent a whole weekend downloading the DX7 SDK on a 56K modem.

This is a slightly better version with SFX and C64 6581 SID emulation.

Contains samples ripped from the Amiga freeware game Super Twintris by Big Brother Copy (BBC).
The samples were ripped using a real Amiga 500 with a Datel Action Replay 2 cartridge. Files were transferred to PC using a 720K floppy disk and Amiga CrossDOS.
No WinUAE back in those days...

This game was written using DirectDraw 7 and it uses the palette for defining the game colours.
Using later DirectX drivers and/or hardware will normally cause the colours to become messed up within a few seconds of running the game. This appears to be caused by the driver detaching or resetting the palette at least twice just after the game has started up.

Game screen
Game screen

Fixed 2005 release to run on Windows XP

Original 2001 release (Windows 98)