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Site under test
Thursday 13th February 2014 - 03:00:00

Web site currently under live test for some areas

Some areas are still under construction, and the colour scheme is still in eye frazzle mode so I can easily recognise what is what in the CSS.

Some areas are functional and some of the downloads are available.

Normal service will be resumed shortly...

Kingpin Engine Update
Wednesday 13th February 2013 - 15:06:19

After languishing on my hard drive for a while I have returned to coding my engine. Much work has went on under the hood and many hours were spent extracting the Kingpin CRC code that was significantly changed from Quake 2 - phew - it was a lot of work, but I managed it.

I could play on a server if I was rendering the models, but the model rendering code is currently disabled as there are a couple of bugs needing fixed.

Thanks go to Mr.ruler and Kunyun for letting me test on their servers.

Click screenshots for high res.

Kingpin engine screenshot
KPDM1 deathmatch map
Kingpin engine screenshot
KPDM4 deathmatch map
Kingpin engine screenshot
Deathmatch map
Kingpin engine screenshot
Deathmatch map

Where has all the time gone....?
Thursday 20th December 2007

Wow! Its almost Christmas already and there hasn't been an update to this site for ages. Life, work, and everything else has been getting in the way as it always does, but I have managed to find some time to update the GFI core to support many new functions including shader effect (FX) management, more hardware acceleration support, all DDS formats, code optimisations, interface updates, and much more.

Look out for the next release coming soon.

GFI Jet Set Willy Released
Tuesday 29th May 2007

GFI Jet Set Willy is now available for download from the GameFramework Interface section!

Remember to download the GFI Core if you don't already have it.

Where has all the time gone?
Thursday 29th March 2007

Wow! Its almost April already. Time is flying by! This just make me realise how little coding I have been doing recently.
Jet Set Willy was almost complete in February 2006 and I have not yet completed the 200 lines of code for the load/save routines! Time to get to it.
The game is fully playable and I have done the bulk of the load/save routines in the last couple of days when I have had some spare time. I really shouldn't have bought The Godfather, FEAR, and all those other games at Christmas. I bought Stalker the other day so I need to be careful and make sure I finish the code... ;-)

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