Kingpin: Life of Crime Multi Patch 3

22nd November 2016  :  17.1Kb

This program has been replaced by Multi Patch 4 and is no longer available for download

Multi Patch 3 main screen
Multi Patch 3 Main Screen
This program contains the following patches for the Kingpin: Life of Crime v1.21 Retail (CD), GOG, and Desura versions:
  1. Console clear command
    This patch prevents the console from being cleared which also clears any chat text.
    A couple of mods send the clear command for no good reason when a player spawns.
  2. Console condump command
    This patch disables the condump command that gets sent along just before the clear command in some mods for no good reason.
  3. Screen resolution
    This patch allows gl_mode 6 (1600x1200) to be changed to another resolution.
    The system is scanned for available full screen video modes and presents them as options for the user to choose.
    Screen aspect ratio is also displayed so you can easily see if it is widescreen or not.
    The original 1600x1200 resolution can be restored.
    The menu entry for mode 6 is also updated to reflect the chosen resolution.
    Recommended FOV values for the aspect are also available to emulate the proper display area.
  4. Chat text position
    The chat text position is fixed for higher resolutions so that it appears in roughly the same relative position as the non-widescreen and lower resolutions.
  5. Audio frequency fix
    There is a bug in the Kingpin audio startup code that prevents setting the output frequency to 44100 KHz.
    This patch allows a frequency to be chosen regardless of the value in s_khz.
    Available frequencies are 11025, 22050, 44100 KHz. The original startup code can be restored.
  6. Weapon FOV
    This patch allows the player weapon to remain visible when the FOV is above 90, by setting the maximum FOV to the engine maximum of 160.
    This patch is useful for widescreen resolutions where the FOV is set to the recommended value for the aspect.
  7. Old style chat / status area
    This patch increases the number of text lines shown at the top left of the screen from 4 up to a maximum of 32.
    This area is used for status messages but also shows the chat texts if cl_oldchat is 1.
  8. Coop maxclients
    This patch allows the maximum number of players in a COOP game to be increased from 4 up to the engine maximum of 256.
    A number of preset values are available but any value between 4 and 256 can be entered.
  9. Coop dmflags
    This patch allows the COOP flags to be changed to any other value.
  10. Master server
    This patch allows the master server reference to be changed from Gamespy to any other server.
    Default options are gamespy and qtracker but any other server value can be entered.
    This means that a setmaster reference does not need to be put into your server.cfg file for a public game to show up in server browsers.
    Not having to manually set a master server also means that the server log does not get a 'Sending heartbeat...' message every 5 minutes.
  11. Maximum entities
    This patch allows the maximum number of visible entities to be increased from 128 to 256.
    This helps when playing on open maps with a lot of players and other entities.
    The usual symptom of entity overflow is the player weapon disappearing, but this patch helps to avoid this problem.
  12. Maximum dynamic lights
    This patch allows the maximum number of dynamic lights to be increased from 32 to 64.
    This helps when playing on open maps with a lot of players.
  13. Loading screen
    This patch allows the timeout value of the loading screen to be changed.
    This is handy if you are a new player and spend a lot of time downloading maps.
    As the download progress can be seen earlier, new players are less likely to think the game has crashed and quit.
  14. Console Log Bug
    This patch fixes a bug in the client console code.
    This bug can cause Kingpin to crash after playing for a few hours or if a lot of messages are sent to the console (eg monitoring r_speeds / cl_stats)
    It is recommended that this patch is applied.
This utility can detect the Steam version of the game, but it cannot be used due to Steam file validation. Consult the Steam forums for info on how to change the available resolutions.

Instructions for use are included with the download.

This is not a crack. It can not be used to bypass the copy protection.

If you get a missing msvcr120.dll error you will need to download vcredist_x86.exe Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft.

If you have Windows 10 you will already have msvcr120.dll installed.