Legacy games

This area details games written prior to development of my GameFramework Interface system which is used to provide a standard code path for writing games that helps to remove the need to write duplicate code for each game.

The games listed here were written for MS DOS and Windows XP and earlier. Some of the Windows games will run OK on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 but some may not depending on your video hardware.

The DOS games have been tested with DOSBox 0.74 and are confirmed to function as expected. The game page contains info on the cycle rates require to play at normal speed.


Jet Set Willy
Lazy Jones
Manic Miner
Space Invaders V1.0
Space Invaders V1.1
Super Othello


3D Asteroids
3D Pac Man
Asteroid Storm
Jet Set Willy II / Jet Set Willy 2