Jet Set Willy

Platform: PC
OS: Windows 32
Language: VC++ / Assembly
Released: December 2001
Size: 75.0Kb

Almost exact duplicate of the Commodore 64 version of the classic sequel to Manic Miner - the only differences between this version and the C64 version are that its possible to complete the game now - the C64 version did not even have the end-game sequence in it!

The original C64 music is included via my 6581 SID emulator.

This game was written using DirectDraw 7 and it uses the palette for defining the game colours.
Using later DirectX drivers and/or hardware will normally cause the colours to become messed up within a few seconds of running the game. This appears to be caused by the driver detaching or resetting the palette at least twice just after the game has started up.
Some drivers will also cause the game to run slowly due to palette usage and vsync being on - it ends up waiting 2 frames. The number pad + and - keys can be used to adjust the game speed.

The GFI version available on this site does not have these problems.