Some projects I am currently working on.

3D Engine (DirectX 9c)  :  Utility  :  Functional

Research deferred shader renderer for upcoming games.

Binary File Converter  :  Utility  :  Functional incomplete

Editor and converter program which I use extensively when editing and converting data for my retro games.

Kingpin: Life of Crime Client Engine  :  Utility  :  Functional incomplete

First project based on my 3D engine. This engine allows network play on Kingpin: Life of Crime servers.

Kingpin: Life of Crime DirectX 11 Renderer  :  Miscellaneous  :  Functional

DirectX 11 replacement for the OpenGL renderer.

Map File Processor  :  Utility  :  Functional incomplete

KPRadiant .map file compiler and viewer.

Radiosity Engine  :  Utility  :  Functional incomplete

Radiosity renderer engine.

Virtual File System  :  Utility  :  Functional

Proprietary resource archiving system.