Lazy Jones

Platform: PC
Language: Pascal / Assembly
Released: August 1999
Size: 33.7Kb

C64 Clone - Currently V0.98 version - 100% playable. Remake of the Commodore 64 version of Lazy Jones with SID 6581 emulation.

Conversion of the classic (to some people anyway) Commodore 64 game. For those of you with an ISA SoundBlaster you can also hear where Zombie Nation *RIPPED OFF* Kernkraft 400 from - just look for the 'Star Dust' sub-game shown in the screenshot.

Known bugs:
Sound sync issue on fast processors.
No sound AT ALL on Windows ME & XP due to no real DOS mode.
Look out for a new version of Lazy Jones reprogrammed to run on my GameFramework Interface (GFI) engine.

Tested and working 100% on DOSBox 0.74. Set cycles > 75000 for correct play speed.

Lazy Jones title screen
Title screen
Lazy Jones level screen
Game screen
Lazy Jones bar game screen
Lazy Jones Eggie Chuck game screen
Eggie Chuck
Lazy Jones Laser Jones game screen
Laser Jones
Lazy Jones The Reflex game screen
The Reflex
Lazy Jones ResQ game screen
Lazy Jones Star Dust game screen
Star Dust
Lazy Jones Wild Wafers game screen
Wild Wafers
Lazy Jones The Wall game screen
The Wall
Lazy Jones Wipe Out game screen
Wipe Out