Binary File Converter

Version 3 update   October 2011
Binary File Converter v3 screen
Binary File Converter v3 screen
Further updates to the program.

More stability fixes
More screen customisation, eg for readability
Fixed and variable memory stride. Stride can also be larger than the available screen size using a virtual screen. Useful for identifying level data
Extended variable line length for converted data
Enhanced search & replace
Preferences saved to registry

Not yet implemented:
Copy & paste
Undo buffer

Version 2 update   October 2006
Binary File Converter v2 screen
Binary File Converter v2 screen
Update to my Binary File Converter editor program.

Updates include stability fixes, some additional functions such as region loading and saving, enhanced search, and some others.

This program is only updated as the need arises so it is updated infrequently.

This version was not publically released.

Version 1 release   August 2001
Binary File Converter v1 screen
Binary File Converter v1 screen
Original release of my Binary File Converter program, which is useful for editing program data in hex or ASCII view.
It can also convert the data into textual format for adding data directly into arrays in common IDEs.

Features include:

Conversion into text format for:
     Visual Basic
     Comma delimited
     Plain unformatted

Conversion into 8, 16, 24, 32 bit in hex, decimal, or octal format. Big and little-endian formats.

No longer available for download.

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