Kingpin: Life of Crime Resources

Various items I have made for Kingpin: Life of Crime

Client Engine
Client renderer for original 1999 engine
 Capture the Flag 
 Capture the Flag Christmas 
 Power 2 
 Colors Capture The Flag 
 Capture The Flag Christmas 
 Capture The Flag Halloween 
 Power 2 
 CRASH Christmas 
 DM Flags CalculatorQuickly determine server flags if you are running a server.
 Joystick & Controller ScriptEnable advanced joystick and controller input with a script.
 Multi PatchThe original multi patcher. Now obsolete.
 Multi Patch 2Obsolete version of the multi patcher.
 Multi Patch 3Obsolete version of the multi patcher.
 Multi Patch 4The current version of the multi patcher with extra functions.