Kingpin: Life of Crime Power mod

Kingpin: Life of Crime Power mod is a team based game similar in play to the Unreal Tounament game 'Domination'
There are three control points that have to be captured and defended.
Weapons can be bought from the traders scattered throughout the map.
Help bots can also be hired.

Power Client  :  Friday, 29th March 2002  :  13.7 Mb
This is required to play on Power V1a servers.
Remember to download map pack 1 as well in case the server you play on is rotating them.

Power Map Pack One Client  :  Friday, 12th April 2002  :  9.14 Mb
Map pack for Power mod containing 7 new maps:
  • galleon2_power - by Whoop_Ass
  • k9courtyard-power by Team K9
  • kpdm5_urban_power by Whoop_Ass
  • lego_urban_power by Whoop_Ass
  • mausoleum_power by Whoop_Ass
  • power_village by Debugger
  • pwr_cartel by [YFS]omnI

Power Server Pack - WIN32  :  Friday, 29th March 2002  :  4.84 Mb
This is all you need to run a Power V1a server
Contains only the server files and maps

Power Mappers Pack  :  Saturday, 24th September 2016  :  21.7 Kb
The Power mappers pack contains everything you need to create maps for Power mod using KPRadiant.
Also included are instructions to help you along.