Kingpin: Life of Crime Multi Patch 2

Thursday 18th February 2016  :  11.5Kb

This program has been replaced by Kingpin Multi Patch 3 and is no longer available for download

This program contains 5 patches for the Kingpin: Life of Crime Retail (CD) and GOG versions
  1. Console clear command disable
    This patch prevents the console from being cleared which also clears any chat text.
    A couple of mods send the clear command for no good reason when a player spawns.
  2. Console condump command disable
    This patch disables the condump command that gets sent along just before the clear command in some mods for no good reason.
  3. Screen resolution
    This patch allows video mode 6 (1600x1200) to be changed to another resolution.
    The system is scanned for available video modes and presents them as options for the user to choose.
    Screen aspect ratio is also displayed so you can easily see if it is widescreen or not.
    The original 1600x1200 resolution can be restored.
    The menu entry for mode 6 is also updated to reflect the chosen resolution.
  4. Audio frequency fix
    There is a bug in the Kingpin audio startup code that prevents setting the output frequency to 44100 KHz.
    This patch allows a frequency to be chosen regardless of the value in s_khz.
    Available frequencies are 11025, 22050, 44100 KHz. The original startup code can be restored.
  5. Weapon FOV
    This patch allows the player weapon to remain displayed when the FOV is above 90.
    The engine maximum FOV is 160 and this can be chosen.
This utility can detect the Steam version of the game, but it cannot be used due to Steam file validation. Consult the Steam forums for info on how to change the available resolutions.

This is not a crack. It can not be used to bypass the copy protection.

If you get a missing msvcr120.dll error you will need to download vcredist_x86.exe Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft.

If you have Windows 10 you will already have msvcr120.dll installed.