Kingpin: Life of Crime SKILL Mod Instructions

Each player will start a round with full health, a pipe, and a crowbar.

Players may also start with:
  • pistol + 50 rounds
  • shotgun + 50 rounds
  • tommygun + 250 rounds
  • HMG + 60 rounds
  • rocket launcher + 30 rounds
  • grenade launcher + 30 grenades
  • flame thrower + 250 fuel
  • no extra weapons
Armour is also given in 3 flavours:
  • No armour
  • 50% armour
  • 100% armour
Weapons and armour level are decided by the CVAR's in effect at the time.
Weapons may be set to same each round, or rotate through each weapon each round.
There is no health, armour or extra ammo to be picked up in the game. Players have to fight with what they start with.
Players start in spectator mode and can join the game by typing join in the console,or by pressing '1'. If a round has already started then they will continue to spectate until the next round, when they will automatically join.
A player can leave the play by typing spec in the console.
Round play is only active when there are at least two players in the game. A single player in the game will play as in normal deathmatch.
A round is over when:
  • All players except one is dead.
  • Time for a round has ended.
  • Main time is over (map change).
A win is awarded to a player when:
  • The player is the last alive in that round.
  • The round is over and the player has made the most frags that round. All other players die.
  • The main time is over (map change) and the player has made the most frags in the last round. All other players die.
If more than one player has the same number of frags that can be regarded as having the most frags that round, then no-one is awarded a win - all players die.
A player who wins the round but kills themself before the round restarts still gets the win but loses a frag.
The best way to learn the rules is to play the game.
Any player can view the map rotation by typing 'listmaps' in the console.
'elect' admin command is available for changing some game aspects. Full command list given when elected.
Server Op can take admin using the 'admin' command with a user-defined password (set from server.cfg). Extra commands available to set default server idle values without restarting server.